SARGASSO WORLDWIDE is a young and innovative company formed in 2005 with offices in the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Ghana and China. Our background is Import/ Export and Supply Chain management utilizing our global contact network.
Our objectives are to extend our trading activities and encourage sustainable partnerships between international producers and global markets by expansion and diversification through mutual investment.
We are committed to building partnerships based on equitable trade mechanisms. We strive to promote fair trade and sustainable socio- economic development alternatives whilst continuing to maximise client profitability.

Ethical trade is the trade in goods produced under conditions that are socially and/or environmentally as well as economically responsible. We use the Base Code of the Ethical Trading Initiative as our minimum standard.

Our operations are worldwide; Sargasso Worldwide is currently focussing on Far East Asia and Africa and establishing links with the European Union Countries and the United States, allowing relevant technology exchange between developing countries and access to the markets of the developed countries

Two-way trade is our speciality; we not only sell finished products we also source the raw materials for the production process.