Consultancy, Training and Sourcing

Sargasso Worldwide can provide global strategic procurement services, training and technology. We are professionals in procurement strategy, strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, supply chain management and e-sourcing, in both the private and public sectors.

The markets we serve:

                                          Industry and Supply

                                         Government and Local Communities


Sargasso Worldwide offer bespoke training courses. We provide professional development services and solutions to our clients from graduate to executive level. Our portfolio is delivered by inspirational consultants who have firsthand experience, creating and leading teams in seriously challenging environments, both in business and on expeditions. This approach guarantees content credibility and ensures a high impact and deeply inspirational learning experience.

The content, length and style of each programme are dependent upon your specific business needs and would always be tailored accordingly. We often work in partnership with our clients’ Learning and Development Managers at the early brainstorming and ideas stage of programme design. Once a programme solution has been agreed we are flexible, listen well and are always willing to refine and develop content further after each delivery if required.

If you are looking for more information on how our consultancy, training and procurement  services can make your business or organisation  become more profitable.

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